What Beautiful Divorce is About

Why are you talking about Beautiful Divorce?
It is such an appropriate time to talk about Beautiful Divorce. There is so much hatred and violence in the world these days. Everyone wonders how we can change this, what can we do?
Start at home. More than 2 million people every year get divorced (in the USA only) and unfortunately, most of them are based on hate and blame. Children get caught in the middle and are learning to be hateful and pass blame.
You want to help the world find peace? Start at home. Teach your children to love and care instead.
Show your kids that you can let go. Forgiveness is possible. Show them how it can be done.
And if you are not in a divorce and have a great relationship, then be the torch holder as well.
Support people to be kind to each other when they are going through a divorce. Tell them that there is another way.
We are all in this. Everyone has witnessed or experienced an ugly divorce. And this is what Beautiful divorce is about.