Sandrine understands the complex and sensitive nature of Family Divorce and maintains the privacy of each and everyone with the utmost discretion.

You have decided to get a divorce.

Most will hire a lawyer right away to fight against each other. Doing this will empty your bank account, make your spouse angrier, destroy your chances of co-parenting, ruin your happiness, and break your family apart. Yet, most choose to do that because they don’t know of any other way.

The unknowns of what life looks like during and post-divorce can be paralyzing. To get through a divorce without all the pain and anger, you need to be guided and supported by someone who knows how to create amicable divorces. Sandrine knows and will teach you how to:

  • Get ready for all the challenges ahead
  • Stop the fights before they start
  • Work together for the children
  • Save on extravagant attorney’s fees
  • Find your way out of the chaos, stress, and overwhelming feelings
  • Stand up for yourself with power and grace
  • Keep your family strong and united
  • Get the happy future you envision

MYTH: It takes two to have an amicable divorce.
Truth: It only takes ONE to start and bring the other one to the same page. You just need to learn how.

Hi, I am Sandrine Perradin,

I will work with you to create the next chapter of your life. Together we will end what is not working and transition you from being married to being Happily Divorced.

If you:

  • Want a good co-parenting relationship
  • Are set on getting the best divorce you can have without the huge cost associated
  • Want to do all of this in the next 60 days

    Then set up a call. We get some clarity around what you really need to get the results you want.

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