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You are about to change your life. Thank you for giving it a chance to be positive. You are here
to download a free chapter of the book: A Family No Matter What, by Sandrine Perradin.

Sandrine chose to have a beautiful life and she created a Beautiful Divorce. She refused the
typical ugly divorce. Through this memoir, she takes you through the making of a Beautiful
Divorced Family.

    Here are a few reviews of the book (also available on Amazon)

    Sandrine’s moving memoir will forever change the way you look at love, life, divorce, and the deeper meaning of family. This book is going to impact a lot of lives for the better. If everyone considering divorce or separation read this book, it would really help eliminate a lot of the hate and negative energy connected to divorce and separation …and today’s society in general. A Family No Matter What is loaded with a lot of life lessons everyone would benefit from learning. I highly recommend this book, and sharing it with someone you care about.

    Casey Demchak

    Sandrine’s message is timely and so necessary. Divorce is one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through.
    Sandrine’s perspective and practical tips would have helped immeasurably. Thank you for writing and sharing your personal journey with each of us in a way that enriches our lives and makes a difficult time a bit (or a lot) easier!

    Kassandra Brown

    I so wish I had this book when I went through divorce. It is well written and east read. Sandrine takes you through her own experience so you know what’s ahead, how to manage your emotions, how to manage others, how to create the life you want for you and your kids. I wish I had that book, it would have not cost me years of pain. I will recommend it to everyone who are going through divorce.

    Nancy R.

    Yes, it is a book about divorce, but it is also much more than that. Perradin is very honest about the challenges facing anybody who takes that big step. It is difficult for the entire family, but there are ways to make it better for all involved.
    It takes work, but seems definitely worth it.

    Reading this book made me think about my own marriage and how to improve or even try to change what I already have. She reminded me how much respect and love can bring us much closer, even in difficult times. You don’t have to consider divorce to get inspiration out of this read, it is about various facets of life we all experience at a certain time. Overall an inspiring and honest book about life.

    Veronique Carney

    Divorce is one of the most difficult experiences a family can go through, especially when there are kids involved. This easy to read memoir provides an example of what’s possible when facing the challenges thoughtfully. As she tells her personal story, the author also delivers practical advice and wise insights on each step on the journey. A very valuable resource to read before, during or after a divorce or to better understand what a close one is going through.

    Sophie Rose

    A Family No Matter What is based on the idea that, even going through divorce, it’s possible to build a healthy relationship with your ex, which will benefit of the kids and the rest of the family. It’s also the journey of a French girl who has chosen to make the United States her new home. It’s full of experience based tips which can help anyone going through divorce and it’s also the life story of a strong and beautiful woman who uses all her energy, power and thoughts to keep her children happy, no matter what.