Why am I doing all of this?

Why am I doing all of this? Why am I advocate beautiful divorces? After all, I have already created mine, and the foundation of it is strong and can now be on maintenance mode. So why am I doing all of this? Sure, at the beginning, it was for my kids and for me and their dad. But now, why? —

Two reasons:
1- simply because I don’t like the future that we are heading to. About half of us have been through an ugly divorce (as a parent or as a child) which taught us not to trust, not to care, to be afraid to love. See the pattern? See what is happening today?
Merely hoping that our kids will be better, or that they are resilient, or conceding that things just are the way they are is no longer an option. We need to create a new foundation now to be able to really make a change for the future.

I know that some people may feel uneasy to talk so much about private matters, and to those, I am sorry, but this is not about you. If we would talk more about what’s private, then maybe we would be able to truly examine what we are doing and make some necessary changes.

2- This is no longer about me and my family. Our experience is helping other families. Just in a few weeks, lives have been touched and changed.