A New Mom?

I found myself wondering how I would feel if my kids decided to call my ex-husband’s partner, “Mom” or if they wanted to give her a gift for Mother’s Day.

Would that upset me? How would I handle it?
After a lot of thought, and feedback, this is what I came up with: If my children decide to call ‘her’ Mom or make ‘her’ feel like a Mom, that’s because they want to. Because they feel safe with her and love her.

Will that change the love they have for me? NO.

In conclusion, Mom is only a word that we have attachment to. Most of the feedback I got was, “No!” or “They cannot do that!” or “You cannot allow this. You are the mom, not her.”
Does it really matter? It is just a name. If they want to call her mom, who am I to tell them no?
They love me just the same, and if it brings more love to her and to my children, what is wrong with that?