The First Year

Someone asked me: How did you go through the first year?
I learned to breathe. When the finger pointing and blame were aimed at me, I learned to just stand there and breathe. Most of the time anyway. I am still human and have my limitations just like everyone else. That’s what I did for an entire year. It is amazing how breathing can be so hard to do and cursing at someone seems so easy!!
At night, for a whole year, I listened to guided mediations to be able to fall asleep. The first year was the scariest time of my life. I had no idea what was going to happen or how my life would turn out. I questioned everything but I knew we had to keep pushing forward.
Going to bed was my escape. I used the meditations to quiet the worries and thoughts in my head. .
I also signed up for Krav Maga. All the words and anger that I did not want to say: that’s where my anger went. I learned to kick the crap out of anyone who tried to attack me. It was an amazing release!!